The stars don't shine
From a sense of obligation
And the wind doesn't blow
Because it feels guilty
And the flowers don't bloom
Because they were told to
And the rain don't fall
To make you feel bad
And when you smile
Give it on back now
And when you laugh
Laugh with your heart
And when you love
Love with your wholeness
And when you give
Give from the start

I said yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah
You can be who you want to
I said yeah yeah yeah
You can love who you are (2x)


Are you trapped by doubt?
Are you living in fear?
Can you see the light?
Can you see clear?
Are you living in pain
That seems to own ya?
Can you see an escape
from what you must do?
Can you live your whole life
Without seeing this
Fear that blocks
Your inner bliss?
Are you scared to know joy
Cause you feel unworthy
Afraid to say yes
Cause you'll lose control?


You're a being of light
Just a piece of the Godness
Your soul came here
To learn on this playground
And you create
The feelings that hold you
Tied to your fear
When you want to be free
And you can say yes
To your true calling
And you can trust
In the love that surrounds you
Follow your heart
And do what you want now
Laugh at your mind
And love who you are

Time isn't real
And deaths an illusion
You're as old as your soul
Whose been here before
And you laid it all out
Before you came here
To help you remember
All that you know
And all the pain and hurt
Is here to guide you
To the point when you'll hear
What your heart tells you
Do what you love
And love will be with you
Do what you love
And love who you are


Trace Instinct

You piss in all corners
When someone comes sniffing
You puff up your chest
When she walks by
And you dress yourself
In the coolest of clothing
Convinced you might
Catch her eye
And all the while
You lose sight of who she is
Focused on that
Brief moment of gain
And lose track of what
Might be important
So caught up
In playing the game
And your life fits in
To the pattern
of all who have
Done the same
And you're stuck and trapped
By your trace instinct
And the damned hormones
That pour through your brain
And the hope you've held
For true feelings
Get drowned out
By whats right here and now
You're just wading around
In the shallow end
To scared to swim
In case you might drown
Living can be hard
When you're tied down
By the notions that have helped
Keep us around
We try to be bigger
than our base selves
And we try to evolve
Past our primitive spell
But then we get lost
And get waylaid
By our need to compete
And protect our place
Its funny we think
We have grown wise
When really instinct
Still rules our lives
Closing the border
From all that is foreign
Locking the door
And pulling the shades
Hoarding our pile
Of that which is golden
Counting the nuts
we so patiently saved
Stepping on those
That make no resistance
We're here to survive
You'd better get out of the way
Grab what you can
Take if you have to
We're living this life
The only way
In our fight to win
All the resources
We kill all the bonds
Of community
We once came together
To pool our strength
To live securely
This gets lost
By the depth of our masses
And we value "Me"
Over other beings
And the chance we had
To make something better
Gets squandered
By our instinctual greed


Walking in darkness
And following echoes
Knowledge passed down
From the dawn of time
If life's just about
Genetic survival
Then I guess were doing
Just fine
But I'd like to hope
We're getting past this
Route of behavior
That's kept us alive
I'd like to hope
we could grow and be more
Than brutal creatures
Who kill to survive
And we agree that love is the answer
And nearly all
Would help a neighbor in need
And we all dream
Of a life that is better
Yet we go along
With the steps we have seen
Lead to hurt and strife
And unhappiness
Because we are owned
By the notion of "Me"
Somehow we all know the answer
We just can't bring ourselves
To make it be


My heart will guide me away from this fear
When I learn to trust myself
My love will help me to trust
That life is dear
And is more than we make of it
My mind is only the way
That I steer
This body that holds my soul
And the veil between
Is O so near
And we are but a piece of god

So trust, you can trust
In the love that surrounds you
You can trust, you can trust
That love will stand beside you
Love, you can love
All that life brings you
Love, you can love
And live each moment in trust

Let go and fall into
The love that surrounds you
Let your heart guide you
You can trust
Let go and fall into
The love that surrounds you
Let your heart guide you
You can trust

Look at your mind
And you'll see when your falling
For tricks that take you
to fear and to problems
Its easy to think
This life is the only
And you cling and you hide
And you're trying and coping
Working so hard to make ends meet
Avoiding your death
And your life in one sweep
You came here to learn
To love with your wholeness
And the whole of your soul
Is here on that purpose


Your heart is the door
To reaching your spirit
Let love open wide
and listen and hear it
Stay in your heart
and you can remember
That life is the playground
we came here to learn on
Choose love and trust
in this guidance
Let your life be lived
for deaths just a passage
Back here you'll come
to love more fully
to grow in the light
You are loved you are worthy of

Ian Carroll

Song Lyrics

Walking in the light of good places

Oh I've seen some good things
Don't look so down
You'll come around
This life brings some clear things
The friends I have found
And nature around
And I'm still, breathing
And my love abounds
And this Joy astounds
This moment I'm feeling
I can't touch the ground
I'm with all around

Don't be afraid to be free
All of this was meant to be
Don't lose sight of why we are here
So let it go
Let go Your fear

Walking in light is easy to do
Just don't lose sight
Of the good around you
This life that we live
We are lucky to have
So raise up your hands
And jump and be glad
This body you wear
Is just a part of you
The very smallest part
You know its true
You are something bigger
You are a part of this
So get up and dance
And share your bliss

You have so much

Crashing waves break the morning still
And the wind in gusts does chill
The rolling mists fade to haze
And the growing grey of dawn invades

Glimpse of sky through the fog
A heavy blue
And the day is new

Walk to the cliffs in the morning light
The eucalyptus stand is still and fragrant
The peeling bark
The trailing leaves
The gentle rustle
Of the breeze

Down the road to the clearing
Where the bunnies play
Through the grass
Wild carrot
Beech Trees
Muddy path along the stream

Take a right and zigzag up
and come to the headlands
And the sea is a sight
To the west the last stars are fading
A rocky shoal with golden sand
Pouring from a gentle cliff
Into a purple strand

This tree is old
Wider than the table in my camp
The crown is near and you can reach it
Her fingers touching the grass below

Cross the river and climb above
White granite cliffs
High above the sea
A windswept grassland

Twisted Junipers
Trickling stream
Lurking lynx
Sharp afternoon sun is relentless
Climb on down to the beach

Cool in the shadow
Kelp on the strand
Black flies in transit
Spray from below
Steep going down

You have so much
You have so much
You have so much
You have so much


Just a word of deep thanks
To all the souls who have been so great
To shine their light upon my path
To help me to see to help me to laugh
At myself and the things I do
That turn me around,
and throw me askew
Bring to mind the joy of life
And help me slow down,
and take my time

Let me thank all the little kids
That lack the fear
That come when you're big
Help to remind of simpler ways
And the joy and awe,
that each moment brings
Not so far from the other life
Newly arrived and shining bright
Help me to laugh and jump around
Help me to love and know I am sound

Let me thank all of you
That disagree with what I do
You help me to think and question life
Help to dissolve wrong and right
To my heart you help me go
And I see we are all just souls
In this dance we call life
We are made of love
We are made of light

Let me thank all the hearty souls
Who want it fair who'd like us to grow
Who fight for change and higher goals
Help redefine all that we know
You help me to see in larger life
Our evolution to peace from strife
Where all are equal and left to be
To live in this world where love is free

Let me thank my loving wife
Who has been with me by my side
In ups and downs and downs and outs
When I'm shallow or insecure
When I'm stubborn or insincere
To her I give my deepest thanks
For her love and her strength
For her patience when I am a pain


I knew a man
Who swore like he breathed
Smoked a pack a day
And ten bowls of weed
He looked on women
As a quest
To abide by rules
He had no interest
Brought up in poor society
Raised by an abusive family
He was no stranger to sin
But he had a beauty within

He could dive a cliff
With the grace of a swan
And he'd dance with you
If you sang a song
He'd see the world
With the eyes of a child
He could laugh he could love
And he knew how to smile
He may have come
From darkness deep
But he'd shine so bright
It'd make you weep
I'll not deny he was trouble
But more than that
He was beautiful

Beauty is the moment of truth
when you're lost
It's a deep insight
despite chaos
Its a voice that stands out
Through the crowd
It's the first leaf to open
After winters long shroud
Beauty is when we stop and breathe
Beauty is appreciating what will be
Its a ray of light
Through the dark clouds
It's a moment of silence
When all is loud

I knew a woman who was insane
Placed in asylum and a life of pain
Locked away from all society
She didn't see the world till she was forty
Bi-polar with violent swings
She'd take you out over little things
The horrors she'd seen no man could tell
In the forty years she spent in hell

When she saw the sea
For the first time
The joy she shared
Was most sublime
And when she learned
To ride her bike
She brought home
The joy of life
Despite the abuse
That scarred her soul
She was full of mirth
And life was her goal
And seeing her live
For the first time
Was so beautiful
It made me cry

Beauty is the moment of truth
when you're lost
It's a deep insight
despite chaos
Its a voice that stands out
Through the crowd
It's the first leaf to open
After winters long shroud
Beauty is when we stop an breathe
Beauty is appreciating what will be
Its a ray of light
Through the dark clouds
It's a moment of silence
When all is loud

Without the dark
There'd be no light
Without the day
There'd be no night
Every coin has two sides
Everybody live two lives
The beauty of life lies in-between
When we can see where we are
And know where we have been
The beauty of life
Shines through our bliss
When we see each moment
For what it is

Prayer For Genuinity

Standing alone
Surrounded by those
That nobody knows
Living in cities
Avoiding eyes
As we pass by
Some won't even say hi
When greetings are offered
Afraid to discuss
No sense of trust
We've lost what once
Brought us together
Alone in the crowd
So silent yet loud
Our judgement clouds
The chance to speak freely

Can you imagine what we could learn
If we gave each soul a turn?
Some truths we may all share
But of many we are yet unaware
You only reflect you back to you
So imagine what we could do
If took the time to grow
Through each soul we came to know

And yes I know
There are too many to know
And your life would be slow
If you have that much attention
But why do we rush
To achieve so much
When at the end we are crushed
By the void of our dying?
And how would it feel
To be honest and real
To be open and feel
All those that surround you?
And would you regret
All the time you spent
Learning to connect
When death came to claim you?

How cool would it be
To be open and free
To set our screens and phones down
And truly join with all around?
Could you find the strength
To be so brave
To trust your love
Has the power to save
To speak from your voice within
And move past the fear that's been?

Oh let your love free
Oh let it be
This fear is yours alone
And is defined by what you've known
Oh genuinity oh honesty
Oh let us be full of love and free
Oh genuinity oh honesty
Oh let us be full of love and free

You are who you are

The feelings that you have
Are nothing wrong for you
They may get in the way
Of the supposed to
But you have every right
To be who you are
And the flow of life
Is missed unless you are

You are who you are
You are who you are

They'll tell you to change for being a loner
They'll say that its wrong to cry
And you'll feel ashamed of being a loser
Yeah they want to know why
You can't fit in to the story
They told you to be
And you try to change to become
Some one they want to see

And all the many labels
That we tend to wear
Define all the problems
That the mind made clear
And all this heavy thinking
To fix who you are
Prevents us from seeing
That life has no flaw

You are who you are
You are who you are

Take these pills to make you happy
Because you should always feel fine
Get a job and raise a family
And watch the game at night
Learn to pretend to accept
Your lot in life
And try to be like every one else
And you'll be alright

Don't buy this wretched tale
You've been fed all your life
Who are they to say
What for you is right?
Trust in who you are
And the feelings that you feel
Don't waste your time
In a world so unreal

You are who you are
You are who you are

Life's so much more being yourself
And who you were meant to be
It's frightening as hell to accept
You're not all you hoped to be
But who you are is amazing
And you are a gift
And to all the souls that surround you
You only add to their bliss

And all the subtle cues
To not love yourself
And all the old ideas
That define social health
See them for what they are
They deny your very being
Let all of them go
And begin to be free

You are who you are
You are who you are