My Album, Recorded January 2017


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Hailing from California, Ian grew up surrounded by traditional music.  Raised in a musical family he was surrounded by ragtime pianists, Olde time fiddlers, Folk Guitarists and choral performers.   First learning the piano and then switching to the violin at 11 his true first musical love was with the Doumbek and traditional Egyptian and Turkish drumming at age 14.  Growing up in  the Renaissance Faire Circuit he was exposed to a great deal of Celtic music and Middle Eastern music.  For a time he studied Mid Eastern Drumming and played for his mothers Belly Dance troop the Ottoman Traders.  He went on to study in San Fransisco with Susu Pampanin as well as various other Middle Eastern percussionists in California.  In 2002 he joined the Sacramento City world music ensemble and this laid the groundwork for much of his musical knowledge today.  In  2013 Ian began to truly fall in love with the fiddle and began to find his own style.  In 2016 he was pleasantly surprised to fine he could pay the bills through his music alone.   Still having a strong traditional music sense he is now looking to develop an original sound  that mixes the structure of traditional music with the outlines of singer songwriters and a message that discusses the human/spiritual condition in the United States.  He has found street performance to be his true calling and can be found busking 4-5 times a week outside of winter.

Ian Carroll